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For an unbelievable visit : the conservatory dedicated to the biodiversity and its preservation  !

The first part of the visit takes place in a tropical greenhouse of 6000m² populated by animals chosen not only for their symbolic and pivotal role in evolution, conservation or biological balance, but also for their public appeal .The choice of plants also indicate the attachment of Biotropica to the preservation of various species and its goal to raise public awareness.


Immersed in the tropical atmosphere of the greenhouse with its lush vegetation, visitors will discover many animals with surprising manners  :

All are represented : Mammals, Birds, Reptiles, Amphibians, Fish, Invertebrates.
The giant Bats

This bats can reach 1.20m of wingspan.
Visitors will discover that not all bats are nocturnal and eat insects.
This giant bats eat only fruits and are active on the daytime.
Their feeding time, each day, give the opportunity to learn more of this amazing animals.


Livingstone Flying fox

The world of Secrets
Following on from the colourful earth, you will encounter the private life of very singular animals. Their physical peculiarities, behaviour and even more surprising, their sexuality! Mimicry, camouflage, hermaphrodites, decoy defences, these animals will reveal to you all their secrets

Tonkin bug-eyed frog

The Arapaima

In the largest aqurium of Biotropica, you can find the biggest fish of Amazonia : the Arapaima.

The arapaima

Adults, Arapaima can reach 3m and 200 kg !

The alligators and the crocodiles


Beautiful and terrible predators, crocodiles and alligators fascinate.

The African slender -snouted crocodile


The Sloth

Nothing like a family of sloths to express the tranquility of the rainforest!
In their enclosure, in the middle of the greenhouse, you may have to scrutinize the vegetation to see these beautiful balls of fur.
And have a little chance to see them move nimbly among the branches.

The two-toed sloth : Mother and baby

 The Rainbow Lorikeets

Undoubtedly the stars of the greenhouse!
What a pleasure to feed them every day!
These colorful birds love to serve visitors as soon as we promontory nectar in!


The feeding time of the lorikeets
The amazing flora

An original staging, plunges the visitor into the heart of the rainforest.

Biodiversity is a vital resource to the human race; here it reveals its other treasures, medicinal plants, minerals… Representing a tropical fores
Fern trees, birds of paradise, ficus, guest tree, palms… Many tropical plants and flowers that allow a real immersin in a tropical world with 25°C.

The green python

Like vines, green python coiled on a bracnh in their terrarium, watching visitors pass..

The green python



Also enjoy our outdoor exhibits !

The journey of discovery doesn‟t stop there! Take a look outside and discover other surprising encounters. Biotropica‟s parkland is divided into four different circuits allowing you to visit at your leisure.

the Penguins' creek The Asian garden

Do not hesitate to push the door of this penguins' creek :
cute Humboldt penguins welcome you !


The Australian Bush The lake

  The Mini Farm


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