Black and rufus elephant shrew

Rhynchocyon petersi

Black and rufus elephant shrew

The name of the Black and rufus elephant shrew is due to its nose looking like an elephant trunk.

Black and rufus elephant shrew are monogamous and really territorial animals : adults will chase their young at only 2 months old !

450 - 700 g
28 cm
42 days


First time in France : a baby elephant shrew was born !

This Monday, August 12, 2019, a baby pointed the tip of his trunk. Not really born but “out of the ground” to be more precise : Baby elephant shrews spend the first 4 weeks of their lives well hidden in a hole dug by the parents and carefully covered with leaves. They never leave it. It is impossible to know that there was a birth.
It will be necessary to do quickly to see this baby in the enclosure of the parents! In a month, he will be separated to avoid fights!

bébé musaraigne éléphant1