Brazilian porcupine

Coendou prehensilis

Brazilian porcupine

The brazilian porcupine spend 85% of his time in the trees.

His prehensive tail act like a fith arm. He can hang on tree with it.
The inside of the tail is furless allowing better adherence.

4.55 - 5 kg
30 - 60 cm (tail 33 - 68 cm)
fruits, flowers, seeds, leaves
195 - 210 days
least concern


Unique in France !! Birth of a baby Coendou!

On December 7, 2017, a little redhead pointed the tip of his nose.

Only 6 months after the arrival of the parents, this birth was a real surprise.

Indeed the gestation of the coendous lasts approximately 6 months, the small one was thus conceived from the first days following the meeting between the male and the female.

Roux at birth and devoid of quills, this little one will quickly become the color of adults with beautiful black and white quills.