Dalmatian pelican

Pelecanus crispus

Dalmatian pelican

Dalmatian pelican are one of the largest flying birds.

The pouch of the pelican’s bec don’t maintain food. It’s a fishing net, a xater recuperator and a fan !
When it’s really hot, it allows pelican to cool off.

9 - 15 kg
1.70 m
31 - 32 days
Europa, Asia
near threatened


Baby pelicans ! For the first time in Biotropica !

Baby dalmatian pelicans hatched just few days ago.

We gave 2 years ago some materials to our dalmatian pelicans in order to build their nest.
We now have as much males as females.
That’s certainly why they succesfully bred this year.

The young are rearded by their parents on the edges of the lake.


bébé pelican