Linnaeus’ Two-toed sloth

Choloepus didactylus

Linnaeus’ Two-toed sloth

Sloth are known to be really slowly animals. But did you know that even their digestion are slow?
In fact, they only poop once a week on the ground !

4 - 8 kg
50 - 65 cm
leaves, fruits
9 months
least concern


Make it 3 !!

Sloth seem to really enjoying their time in Biotropica !

On Saturday February 10th 2018, keepers had a nice surprise : the third baby born in 3 years ! (after Sid in October 2015 and Flash in November 2016). 

Gema, the mother, takes really good care of the newborn who will spend the next 10 month on her belly.


Another baby sloth was born on 29th march !

This is the fourth baby of sloths’ Willem and Gema.

The baby hung on the belly of his mother making him hard to see, But with patience you’ll be able to find him !

bébé paresseux

5 babies in 5 years and a half !

Yes that’s right !
Gema and Willem, the happy couple just gave birth to another baby sloth on 8 may 2020 !
This tiny little ball of fur is just so cute and adorable !

bébé paresseux Biotropica mai 2020