Lyle’s flying fox

Pteropus lylei

Lyle’s flying fox

The flying foxes are part of the biggest bats of the world.

Contrary to beliefs, flying foxes aren’t nocturnal and don’t feed on blood but really enjoy fruits !
They are really useful by spreading seeds in their excrement.

500 - 800 g
1 - 1.20 m
fruits, leaves, pollen
4 - 6 month


babys all year long

There is always a new baby in the flying fox colony.
Females can give birth any time of the year.

bb renard volant


First donation !

In 2018, the association “Les amis de biotropica” gave its first donation to an association protecting the nature.

We made the choice to help Bat Conservation International which fights for the protection of bats around the world and to raise awareness of the fate  of these unloved animals.

The payment of 370€ was made thanks to the donations collected during Fall holidays 2017, thanks to the genrosity of the visitors.