Suricata suricatta


The meerkats’ family can reach 20 to 30 members.
In order to protect the colony, meerkat exhibit sentinel behavior : one stand on its legs and scan the horizon and then prevent the colony when seeing a predator by a loud bark.

Meerkats are immunized against number of snakes and scorpions’ poisons.

720- 731 g
40 - 60 cm
insects, lizards, snakes, eggs, scorpions
49 - 63 days
least concern


how cute !

Baby meerkats were born on 16th of july.

bébés suricates

Babies meerkats are born again !

This is the 4th litter for our group of meerkats since their arrivals in 2016.
And this time, in July 2019, there are 6 babies !! What a succes !


How cute !!

What is cuter than a baby meerkat ? Babies meerkats of course !
They run everywhere and try to stay still on there feet like the adults and that’s so adorable !
Come see them in the African bush !

bébés suricates biotropica 2020