“La Mangrove” Restaurant

Menu cascade (16.90€)

Starter + Dish OR Dish + Dessert

Menu du lac (23.80€)

Starter + Dish + Dessert


Beef Terrine with vegetables, mustard cream
Panna cotta with peas, cheese crumble
Salmon Wrap’s with pesto and salad



Chicken leg with cheese sauce, mashed potatoes, French peas
Cod back, top of cauliflower and seasonnal vegetables, seaweed butter
Skewer of marinated pork tenderloin, condiment with coriander, wild rice or french fries



Apple crumble,caramel whipped cream
Moelleux with chestnuts, custard
Nougat glacé, caramelized almonds, candied fruits

You can replace dessert by duo of cheese from Normandy (neufchâtel et camembert) / salad

Salads (12.90€)

La Biotropica

Salad, cheddar, ham, corn, peas, red onions, croutons, tomato confit

La Fermière

Salad, cheddar, chicken filet, corn peas, red onions, croutons, tomato confit

La Norvégienne

Salad, peas, corn, grapefruit, bonito and salmon marinated

Menu Ouistiti (10.90€)

until 12 years old

Cordon Bleu ou 2 Sausages ou Fish Brandade
French Fries ou Mashed Potatoes
Icecream vanila (cocoa or strawberry flavour)
Drinks (Soda ou Water sirup)

/!\ Entrance fees is due in addition of the restaurant fees /!\