Discover all of the 7 areas
of Biotropica
Discover all of the 7 areas<br data-lazy-src=

Discover surprising species from around the world through the 7 areas of Biotropica!

  • The greenhouse : in the heart of tropical rainforest, discover surprising animals
  • Penguin cove : discover the Humboldt penguins’ water ballet
  • Australian bush : meet the Australian giants, the kangaroos
  • African bush : travel across Africa to discover fascinating and amazing animals
  • Asian garden : be amazed by red pandas and fascetious dwarf otters
  • Lake of the pelicans : 2 hectares dedicated to these majestics birds
  • The little farm : pet small goats or discover unusual animals of the farm like wolly pig

Nearly 3 hours of visit to discover the animal world : mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fishes, invertebrates, all are represented !

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Discover all the animals of the zoo

Inside or outside, there are more than 130 species in Biotropica !

Discover more about them in the special page for each species.

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